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Feb 11

Separate PlanSJ blog

Due to increasing spikes of traffic to the PlanSJ portions of this blog, I’ve migrated all the PlanSJ content to a separate blog: Current PlanSJ posts will remain here for convenience. For a short period, any new posts will appear on both blogs. Any remaining legacy posts (stuff still not migrated from the old EasyBlog site) will appear in the new blog.

So if you want to track this PlanSJ blather, please RSS the new blog (which you can do by clicking here).

Why the move? I’ve had a few comments that people looking for PlanSJ info find the professional topic posts confusing or distracting. And I’d like to open up the PlanSJ stuff at some point to open commenting, which wouldn’t be appropriate on the professional blog.

Nov 10

Regular programming will resume shortly

I’m moving servers. This means that in the next day or two this domain is likely to be off the air for a short period.

Nov 10

Switching to WordPress

I’m moving from EasyBlog to WordPress … which unfortunately is a very manual process. As a result posts will reappear here over time. Bear with me.